Caradon Art with Mrs Plummer 2021

We began by mixing powder paint with water in pots. We added acrylic fluid to create the paints which we would use on our canvases.
Following this, we studied a variety of flowers. We identified different flowers from our school field and sketched them in our sketch books, this helped us to look closely and draw the flowers which we would use for our final paintings. 
On Tuesday, we painted our backgrounds onto the canvases. We started with the sky and worked our way through a variety of shades, then we did the same with the grass. Once these were dry, we were onto the fun splatters. Dipping our paint brushes in green/yellow paint, we created splashing effects by flicking them from the bottom of our cavasses up.
Finally, we added our flowers by using pallet knives and thick paint to create texture.
Our masterpieces!