London Trip 2022

Day 1
All aboard the train to Paddington!
Children arrived safely in London. Then braved the Tube with all their belongings to the Lord Amory boat in Canary Wharf. They then headed out again across the capital to Buckingham Palace before heading to MacDonalds for tea. The Queen was apparently in residence. She must have know Upton Cross were there to visit. What an adventure!
Day 2
Step back in history and a bird's eye view!
Fry up for breakfast this morning after a good nights sleep had by the children (Not so for the adults!). Took the Tube across the capital to the Natural History Museum. Then this afternoon, after a bit of a queue we finally got on board the London Eye and were able to see for miles around! The Ledger Building Weatherspoon's for tea. Children had pre ordered their meal some weeks ago, so were certainly looking forward it. 
Day 3
Off to see the King of the Jungle!
Another fry up this morning after a great sleep had by all. Staff even had to wake some children this morning. 
Lunch in Convent Garden whilst watching street artists, one being an amazing fire breathing unicyclist. A visit to Lyceum Theatre in the West End to see the Lion King before another meal at Weatherspoon's in Canary Wharf.
Day 4
Who'll be locked up in the Tower of London?
Children and staff had another good night's sleep. Cereal and fry up once again. They need it to fuel them for all the walking they are doing!
Today's schedule takes them back on the Tube to St Paul's Cathedral then off to the Tower of London in the afternoon. They are having  pizza's on the boat this eve to give them a chance to pack their bags ready for coming home to Kernow tomorrow!!!
Day 5
All aboard the train from Paddington!
An early start after sausage/bacon sandwiches. Children packed their bags and headed of to catch a boat trip on the Thames. Last stop is Paddington Station where they will board the train to come home! Yipee!!!!