Our approach to Science

Science Week and Science Fair 2022
Investigating Rocket Mice
All classes throughout the school investigated Rocket Mice last week. They had to design, plan and conduct an experiment around the idea, thinking about the variables and equipment needed as well as how to make it as fair as possible. 
Fun was had by all and many scientific discoveries were made!
Science Visit - Mrs Whipps
We were fortunate to have Mrs Whipps come in and show us science from her life. The children were enthralled and she also spent time in each class showing some cool science artefacts as well as answering questions. 
A big thank you, Tanya. 
We know there are many scientists from different fields among our parents and many more among grandparents, friends and acquaintances. We are keen to inspire our children and make the links between science at school and the science opportunities and careers in the wider world.
If you or someone you know would be interested to come in and show the science/engineering from your life we would love to have you in (although not all at once)! Please do come and speak to Mr Clack. He can then organise a good time for you to come in and share.
Science Fair Winners 2022
First of all thank you so much for all the entries. We had even more videos than last year and the science on show was amazing. Please keep learning about science at home and conducting experiments. A big thank you to all parents/ guardians who supported their children or just held the camera! 
Below are this year's winners. Congratulations to them all. They will be going to see a very exciting Science show in a few weeks. There will be further prizes given out after half term and all participants will receive a prize for taking part.